Haiku of a Journeying Soul

I. Morning heartbeat, drum Sunrise births renewal, hope Clarity abounds. II. Whispers in the wind Piercing haunting déjà vu I know you, don’t I… III. Skipping stones, glass lake Mesmerizing, beyond me Yet I shudder. Who comes? IV. Compass heading locked Boundaries I cannot breech Forward, step my feet. V. Gutteral echoes Furtive, senses on alert These are not my thoughts. VI. Beset by fear … Continue reading Haiku of a Journeying Soul

The Simplest of Things

May the “Simplest of Things” transform you! A loving touch – giving and receiving! A smile – giving and receiving! Pausing to take in the colors and magic of a sunrise or sunset Seeing, holding or envisioning a baby (human or animal or even a newly emerging seedling) Music – listening and making! Laughter – hearing and doing! Listening to children Hugging deeply Kissing deeply … Continue reading The Simplest of Things

The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness I’d like to share a link (thanks to Mike Adams / Natural News) to a banned TED Talk by Graham Hancock called, The War on Consciousness. (Why banned by TED? Something to reflect on…) Graham Hancock’s Removed 18-minute TED talk, The War on Consciousness — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHbkEs_hSec Graham refers to Consciousness as the “greatest mystery of science” and beautifully voices its central … Continue reading The War on Consciousness

Gypsy Life (Song lyrics inspired by Laura by Bat for Lashes)

Song Lyrics — Gypsy Life, by Ama White Owl (Inspired by the tune of LAURA by Bat for Lashes)   They come to a place of hardship and pain They have no home or money   Yet they carry within their hearts a hope That Love from above will guide them   When the dark moments come they are deep but they’re brief, So they … Continue reading Gypsy Life (Song lyrics inspired by Laura by Bat for Lashes)

Sun-Moon-Earth Harmonics and the Summer Solstice

The combined natural Sun-Moon-Earth harmonics of the Summer Solstice can empower profound shifts in self-awareness. ~~~  Summer Solstice (Longest day/shortest night of the year): ~June 21st This miniature wildflower bouquet (see photo below) sits on my desk this morning. The design of this small vase, only 2 inches tall, is a mini-replica of a double-spouted Native American wedding vase. During the wedding ceremony, spouses drink … Continue reading Sun-Moon-Earth Harmonics and the Summer Solstice