Haiku of a Journeying Soul

I. Morning heartbeat, drum Sunrise births renewal, hope Clarity abounds. II. Whispers in the wind Piercing haunting déjà vu I know you, don’t I… III. Skipping stones, glass lake Mesmerizing, beyond me Yet I shudder. Who comes? IV. Compass heading locked Boundaries I cannot breech Forward, step my feet. V. Gutteral echoes Furtive, senses on alert These are not my thoughts. VI. Beset by fear … Continue reading Haiku of a Journeying Soul

The Simplest of Things

May the “Simplest of Things” transform you! A loving touch – giving and receiving! A smile – giving and receiving! Pausing to take in the colors and magic of a sunrise or sunset Seeing, holding or envisioning a baby (human or animal or even a newly emerging seedling) Music – listening and making! Laughter – hearing and doing! Listening to children Hugging deeply Kissing deeply … Continue reading The Simplest of Things

Another new yoga video: 4-minute preparatory Chakra Sarasana

Enjoy! This 4-minute updated version of last year’s video of the Chakra Sarasana includes the Harmonic Intoning Song “lyrics” and a more thorough demonstration shot outdoors with the backdrop of the beautiful and sacred Taos Mountains. The Chakra Sarasana are preparatory movements to Harmonic Wisdom Yoga. Continue reading Another new yoga video: 4-minute preparatory Chakra Sarasana

Harmonic Wisdom Yoga: 5-minute video intro of the first 5 Sarasana

I just uploaded an informal 5-minute demonstration video of the first 5 body positions (Sarasana) of Harmonic Wisdom Yoga. The new website for The SARA Wisdom Pathway is in process of being loaded as well. The website is http://www.SaraWisdom.com and here’s the video — Enjoy! http://youtu.be/xU3whsb7_5E Continue reading Harmonic Wisdom Yoga: 5-minute video intro of the first 5 Sarasana

The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness I’d like to share a link (thanks to Mike Adams / Natural News) to a banned TED Talk by Graham Hancock called, The War on Consciousness. (Why banned by TED? Something to reflect on…) Graham Hancock’s Removed 18-minute TED talk, The War on Consciousness — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHbkEs_hSec Graham refers to Consciousness as the “greatest mystery of science” and beautifully voices its central … Continue reading The War on Consciousness