The SARA Wisdom Pathway – Yoga, Meditation, Intoning


I “tranceived” The SARA Material over a 25-year period through a practice of deep meditation that allows me to directly engage Universal Consciousness. Progressively, my lineage gifts of lucid dreaming and shamanic vision-journeying revealed a system of yoga, wisdom meditation, and vocal intoning that, together, awaken compassion, empathy, hope, gratitude, creativity, and heightened awareness of unity with all life.

The SARA Wisdom Pathway:

  • Harmonic Wisdom Yoga, a vibrational healing and exercise practice based on 30 body postures (Sarasanas, or Wisdom Asanas) and “sound breathing” — vocalization of 30 corresponding Harmonic Tones. To view 2 demonstration videos, visit Ama’s YouTube Channel.
  • Visioning Meditation, an active-mind meditation based on the SARA Symbols that encourages the mind and body to synchronize in a state of peacefulness and present-being in the moment.
  • Self-guiding Wisdom Oracle (based on 30 SARIC Symbols and accompanying Wisdom Keys).
  • The ancient, mystical SARIC Alphabet — derived from the SARA Symbols — with the means to transliterate any word from any language into “Saric” to reactivate latent wisdom lost in modern-day languages.
  • and more…

About The SARA Wisdom Pathway, an Introductory Guide ~ Free ebook to be released shortly

In 1989 while in deep meditation, dual-lineage Persian-Celtic wisdom carrier Maia’ma White Owl Khan (Ama White Owl) engaged and activated 30 high-frequency Portals to Universal Consciousness, or Archetypes, collectively referred to as The SARA.

Over the years, Ama discovered multicultural historical references to the existence of the SARA Portals – often personified as gods and goddesses — within ancient pre-Christian symbology, Celtic/Gnostic mystery teachings, Norse mythology, and sacred Hindu texts.

Ama White Owl introduces the KEYS to Portal access AT NO COST in her new e-book, The SARA Wisdom Pathway, an Introductory Guide.

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