The Simplest of Things

May the “Simplest of Things” transform you!

  • A loving touch – giving and receiving!
  • A smile – giving and receiving!
  • Pausing to take in the colors and magic of a sunrise or sunset
  • Seeing, holding or envisioning a baby (human or animal or even a newly emerging seedling)
  • Music – listening and making!
  • Laughter – hearing and doing!
  • Listening to children
  • Hugging deeply
  • Kissing deeply
  • Dancing freely / moving meditation practices
  • Singing and/or intoning
  • Meditating – all kinds
  • Walking or sitting near trees
  • Sitting or lying in the sun
  • Being in water
  • Holding crystals, wood, and/or stones
  • Smelling, seeing, caring for (gardening) flowers, plants, and herbs
  • Creative flow and expression
  • Spending time with animals
  • Giving thanks in prayerful solitude

Ama White Owl


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