The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness

I’d like to share a link (thanks to Mike Adams / Natural News) to a banned TED Talk by Graham Hancock called, The War on Consciousness. (Why banned by TED? Something to reflect on…)

Graham refers to Consciousness as the “greatest mystery of science” and beautifully voices its central message to humanity (echoed by shamans and mystics from so many indigenous/consciousness-attuned cultures, modern and ancient) – the

“sacred, magical, enchanted, interconnected, infinitely precious nature of life on earth, and the interdependence of material and spiritual realms.”

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Ama White Owl on Visionary Plants

Since a child, I have been able to freely journey to, experience, communicate and exchange with Spirit and beings from other realms and parallels in altered states of consciousness and trance.

Although I do not personally need to ingest physical plant substances such as cannabis, psilocybin, or the Amazonian ayahuasca brew to access plant spirit teachers or to connect with mystical realms, I feel that visionary plants are powerful allies and teachers for humanity as a whole and are much needed guides in our evolving journey toward expanding consciousness.

I honor and respect the individual calling to ingest, in sacred and sincere honor and intent for greater inner harmony and spiritual/personal growth.

I agree with Graham that shamanic visionary plants play a much more significant role in the healing of human consciousness and creativity.

My personal feeling is that visionary plants are shamanic and healing gifts/spirits and not well suited for frequent, casual recreational access.

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