Sun-Moon-Earth Harmonics and the Summer Solstice

The combined natural Sun-Moon-Earth harmonics of the Summer Solstice

can empower profound shifts in self-awareness.


Summer Solstice (Longest day/shortest night of the year): ~June 21st

This miniature wildflower bouquet (see photo below) sits on my desk this morning. The design of this small vase, only 2 inches tall, is a mini-replica of a double-spouted Native American wedding vase. During the wedding ceremony, spouses drink from separate spouts to commemorate both individuality and unity.

photo by Ama White Owl

(Do you see the shadow-butterfly? Such a fitting reminder of transformation for this 2013 Summer Solstice!)

We Are Our Own Storytellers

By connecting to the natural Sun-Moon-Earth rhythms such as the seasons (equinoxes and solstices) and the lunar cycle, we can more deeply experience the aspects of ourselves that naturally attune to invisible flows of life force (energetics).

This experience, in turn, brings us into greater alignment with our deepest Selves — our Source Selves — and through alignment, wisdom, guidance, and healing flow freely into our lives.

The combined natural Sun-Moon-Earth harmonics of this week can empower profound shifts in self-awareness.

Specifically, these energetics encourage us to examine, reflect upon, gain insight about, and where necessary, REWRITE the stories we tell TO ourselves ABOUT OURSELVES.

We tell stories constantly.

When we interact within our communities, we tell stories about ourselves, don’t we. I am such and such. I WAS such and such in the past. I do such and such. I believe or perceive such and such.

But we also tell stories quietly, silently and sometimes unconsciously to ourselves.

We tell stories TO OURSELVES ABOUT OURSELVES that impact how we feel, make decisions, move our bodies, and generally behave.

Our self-stories are, in fact, reflected in our productivity, creativity, our overall wellness of being, how we interpret the past, experience the present, and envision the future.

~ ~ ~

What stories do YOU tell to yourself? What stories do you SEE reflected in your current emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states and behaviors, assumptions and plans?

Do your stories empower you to create? Self-heal? Imagine new possibilities? Do your stories support loving relationships? How do your self-stories make you feel?


Do you tell yourself you are bored, lonely, lost, overwhelmed, guilty, ashamed, neglected, a failure in any way, not in alignment with your life passions or path? Do you tell yourself your circumstances are hopeless? Do you feel there is nothing to be grateful for? Do you tell yourself you have little patience left? And so on?

If you occasionally tell yourself these stories ABOUT yourself and your life, WHEN does this occur? What seems to trigger these stories? Are there certain times of the day, week, month during which you slip into dis-empowering self-storytelling?

Join me in ALIGNING with the NATURAL HARMONICS of the Sun, Moon and Earth starting TODAY.

Spend time outside during both day and night. Kick your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet. Breathe in the air, get up early to see the sunrise or arrange to be somewhere with a view of the sunset. Go on a hike, step into the natural world, go to a park and quietly listen to the natural sounds around you, touch the earth, pick up some stones, go near water and dip your hands in. And tell yourself the MOST EMPOWERING STORIES YOU CAN IMAGINE!

As a First Step:

Take a Meditative Moment NOW to Visualize with Intent

Here is a beautiful natural Visioning Image (this is my new moon fire for this lunar cycle, take at sunset)

photo by Ama White Owl
photo by Ama White Owl


During this week of Solstice, I deepen my connection to the solar energetics that pour infinite Source wisdom and guidance into my mind, body and heart.

During this week of Solstice, I deepen my connection to the lunar energetics that amplify conscious experience of my Source Self.

During this week of Solstice, I deepen my connection to the earth energetics that nourish, nurture and ground my journeys into the unknown realms and mysteries of my own existence.

Greetings and Call Out to My International Website Visitors

During each full moon, individuals gather “in spirit” from all over the world via shamanic visioning meditation in Spirit Lodge for healing and peace and I currently correspond with individuals from more than 25 countries.

(Please join us for a powerful Spirit Lodge gathering this week, remotely from your own home. For complete details, instructions and audio meditation guide, see THIS PAGE on my website)

Although most of the visitors to my website come from the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia, according to my website statistics, there is a growing stream of visitors from many other countries whom I wish to acknowledge.

I send greetings, Peace and Light to YOU, Spirit brothers and sisters, in:

Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, El Salvador, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe!

~ ~ ~

In Closing, Taking our Self-Stories into Community

From the smallest to the largest Communities, we have opportunities to tell new stories.

But before we can contribute new stories to empower our communities (partnerships, families, workplace, geographical communities, and so on), we must unbind ourselves from our own stories that judge, blame, persecute, criticize, dismiss and dis-empower us IN ANY WAY.

AND WE ARE IN GREATEST ALIGNMENT (with Source, life path, purpose, passions and all life) when we tell stories that resound in inner peace and harmony with all life, infused with hope, gratitude and patience and that transmute conflict, chaos, and confusion into Love and Light!

WE write these stories.

WE tell these stories.

WE LIVE the stories we write and tell.

We ARE our own Storytellers…

YOU are YOUR own Storyteller…

With Love,

Ama White Owl


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