What is Shamanic Mysticism?

What is Shamanic Mysticism?

Shamanic Mysticism describes the inner, vibratory, and direct conscious connection to universal SOURCE (Love/God) grounded in a relationship with the natural planetary world of Earth-Gaia-Sophia (Wisdom/Sacred Feminine).

Shamanic Mysticism serves as an experiential framework through which we awaken within the present moment to engage actively and consciously with our human (mind-body) self, our soul-journeying spirit self (soul) and the “seat” of the totality of our being, Source.

From the viewpoint of Shamanic Mysticism, human life is the Source Self’s experiential contact point with the sensorial physical world and one of myriad simultaneous expressions of the Soul.

As a shamanic mystic I perceive that:

  • We experience human life by choice, agreement, and purpose.
  • We voluntarily assume an amnesic state of being with limited connectivity to Source and our Soul selves.
  • The human earth path can be seen as a progressive re-calling and re-connecting with the totality of who we are and the totality of Life.

From a shamanic mystical perspective, the process of awakening to the expanded reality of the Source Self is the profound and intrinsic journey of human life and consciousness.


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