Reflections on Inner Peace

I. INNER PEACE becomes more and more elusive as a dangerous, threatening, and turbulent material world presses upon us.

II. Protection and safety begin with spiritual and lifestyle practices that focus on INNER PEACE from which we can reach up to Spirit, where our Source Selves reside.

III. Spiritual practices elevate awareness and assist us to identify with our higher, greater selves, our Source (or Spirit) Selves.

IV. There are many daily demands, much disinformation about our world, and a global financial system that wages economic war worldwide. Study, research, protest, and understanding MUST be grounded in INNER PEACE.

~ ~ ~

Where to Start?

  1. Meditation reorients the conscious mind toward the peace and harmony of Spirit. 
  2. Being present with our senses anchors us in the moment and frees us from the past and future. This moment (and awareness of this moment) is a precious and sacred gift.
  3. Accepting, reconciling with, and releasing others clears energetic pathways and strengthens your ability to return to a state of inner peace.

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