Cultivating Wisdom: A Mystical Feminine Perspective

What if the primary directive of human life were to cultivate wisdom? What if, by cultivating wisdom, we walk in our highest purpose and greatest potential? If so, where do we begin? Where and how do we cultivate wisdom?

Imagine a feminine mystical perspective called Herstory that blends and expands senses, dimensions, realms, structure and nonlinear time in ways that maximize the conveyance and cultivation of wisdom. This is what feminine shamanism explores via “Herstory”.

How to cultivate wisdom on a moment-to-moment basis via Herstory

1. Imagine you are a lucid dreamer:

From the herstoric perspective, humans awaken to present reality — much like a dreamer achieves lucidity within a dream — by progressively cultivating wisdom.

2. Simple time reference:

Herstory recognizes two references to time – (1) “Now”, and (2) “Not-now” which includes other references such as past, future, multiple and parallel timelines. “Now” provides greater opportunity for wisdom cultivation than “Not-now”.

3. Step lightly:

From the herstoric perspective, wisdom-inspired answers, understanding, and insight stream into our consciousness through intuition, imagination, and playfulness.

4. Open to wisdom in your daily interactions:

Herstory recognizes that wisdom is transmitted through all organic life and life experience.

Who is the “HER” in Herstory?

Before patriarchy, the “HER” in “Herstory” was a living goddess (one of many) who manifested galactic creation.

  1. She was galactic life — specific cosmic currents of energies that, through mystical emanation (akin to dreaming), birthed dimensional creation.
  2. She became the Earth.
  3. She is, from the herstoric perspective, the dreaming Earth Creatrix, sentient and alive. Our Earth Mother.
  4. She progressively awakens to present reality (in the unfolding “NOW”) – literally becoming lucid within her dimensional “dream” creation – AS SHE AWAKENS, WE AWAKEN.

For now, I identify “HER” as Gaia-Sophia, a combination of a name that signifies her physical manifestation as the Earth – Gaia – with the name used by ancient Celtic mystery schools to signify her Spirit — Sophia (Latin: wisdom).

Pronouncing Sophia as “So-FEYE-ah” (as opposed to So-FEEE-ah) and combined with Gaia produce the lovely rhyming harmonic (name, or complimenting sounds), Gaia-Sophia.


1. We cultivate wisdom “the Herstory way” by becoming increasingly aware of the wisdom inherent in our moment-to-moment lives — every interaction, experience, dream, imagination, and sensory perception of the unfolding “NOW”.

2. By imagining Gaia-Sophia as the living galactic transmitter, sentient source, and fabric of all wisdom, we awaken to relationship with and love for “HER”, the Creatrix of our wisdom galaxy, Wisdom herself.

3. In cultivating wisdom, we align our life story (MYstory/OURstory) with HERstory. In a mystical weaving and magical synthesis, the awakening Wisdom Goddess reverberates in our awakening.

~ Ama White Owl


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