A Spirit World Communique…in 1,000 Letters ~ June, 2010

I tranceived the below communique in June, 2010 EXACTLY as written with no punctuation and comprises EXACTLY 1,000 letters.


From where I come Mother Creator whispers an ancient tone

and a dimension of our being spirals deep into the darkness to dream a journey you call


And thus All Is

Braids of golden light connect


our Reflections in Creation

to us

your Spirit Selves

You become our dreams and

We become yours

And in the rhythmic dance of reawakening which you call sleep

We gather to share our stories

For we are all great storytellers

from where I come

And as we recount the

Infinite Reflections of Creation

of which we are a part

you sleep

you listen

you dream

Stories interweave and blend and coalesce and with each story told

the threads of woven light that anchor


our Reflections in Creation

to us

your Spirit Selves


for lack of a better word


until you and we are One again

and we have returned to the Mother Creator

full of All Stories

and Complete

And once Complete we become as our Mother Creator

and give birth to our own sacredness

A new Universe of Reflections

Who am I

you ask

A storyteller true

recounting a tapestry of vibrations to

awaken you

to the sacred cycle of dreams

in which your world exists

and in which you discover Love

for all Beings


to one another

each other

to each other

one another


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